Rubber Molding for the Communication Industry


  • Communication Industry Rubber Products

    Molded Rubber Parts for the Communications Industry
    From developing specialized molded rubber solutions for Smart Grid technology to sealing GPS units and underground conduit ducts, Custom Rubber Corp. is developing and manufacturing products counted on by the communications industry.  Whether it's as part of early supplier involvement for design assistance or just plain responsive manufaturing, Custom Rubber Corp. is capable of satisfying customers in this demanding industry.

  • Custom Rubber Corp.'s expertise in seal design helped one customer perfect fiber optic cable conduit joints.  In another case, Custom Rubber Corp. prototyped and is now producing rubber vibration-control supports for fiber optic cables.

    Custom Rubber Corp.'s parts have also helped solve sealing and protection issues within one customer's line of communication equipment for hazardous environments.  Staying ahead of the curve, Custom Rubber Corp. has assisted in developing protective rubber covers to meet the unique needs of Smart Grid, Broadband over Powerlines (BPL), and Advanced Metering technology.  Our customers are constantly developing new products, and we have been helping with prototypes and design suggestions.

    None of the parts pictured are in stock or for sale. These are all examples of custom-manufactured products that illustrate Custom Rubber Corp.'s capabilities.


  • Examples of Projects

    BPL Product Needs Rubber Expansion Lining

    Custom Rubber Corp. Our original product for broadband over power lines (BPL) involved making a rubber lining to absorb the differing expansion and contraction rates of the magnetic material and the insulating covering. The specially formulated rubber compound does not interfere with the electronic workings of the unit, but has enough thickness and cusion to absorb the changing gap distance between the components when the weather changes.  

    The development of the material was done quickly with the help of a few of Custom Rubber Corp.'s strategic partners to identify the right level of conductivity and compression/expansion. Since this first product, Custom Rubber Corp. has continued to assist in later versions of the BPL solution.

    Custom Rubber cuts turnaround time from 5 weeks to 6 days

    When a manufacturer faced a five-week turnaround time from its regular supplier on a last-minute rush order, they called us.  In just six days, we had the molds and were shipping product.  Custom Rubber Corp. is now that company's key rubber supplier for a full line of products.

    ESI development speeds GPS end product

    Custom Rubber Corp. was part of the Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) for one of the first GPS systems created by a major electronics maker.  Weekly meetings with the full design team helped us custom develop a rubber seal the connected pieces of the housing and provided a protective “bumper” from rough handling.

    Cable box custom-component streamlines installation

    To make it easier to correctly thread the bundles of cables into a cable box, Custom Rubber Corp. assisted with the design for an adhesive-backed rubber strip that fits over the large holes in the bottom of a cable box and subdivided them into easily identifiable pass-throughs for each cable. Our star-shaped holes also limit contamination inside the box.