Frequently Asked Questions


Q.    What types of rubber materials does Custom Rubber Corp. use to make parts?
A.    Neoprene Rubber, Nitrile Rubber, Silicone Rubber, EPDM Rubber, Viton®, Butyl Rubber, SBR Rubber, and Natural Rubber.  See more information about the different types of rubber.

Q.    Does Custom Rubber Corp. make rubber parts from colors?
A.    Custom Rubber Corp. makes all rubber parts in colors such as yellow, red, orange, blue, gray, purple, brown, and white. There is even a glow-in-the-dark rubber material available.
Take a look at the colored rubber page on the website. It shows yellow protective boots, brown grommets, white bumpers and rollers, purple door stops, red dog toys, orange seals, blue medical handles and more. Some of these rubber components are specially matched to an exact Pantone color.

In addition to using colored rubber for aesthetics, sometimes color is used to differentiate between materials or durometers, or very similar sizes. One example is on our colored rubber page. The photo entitled "Durometer Differentiation" shows a black grommet that is 40+/-5 durometer and a gray grommet that is 50+/-5 durometer.

Q.    Do you make any standard rubber parts?
A.    The only standard, off-the-shelf parts we make are listed in the Product Line section of our website. 
The majority of the parts Custom Rubber Corp. produces are made exclusively for our customers; we can design and manufacture specific parts for your application if the catalog parts just won't work.

Q.    What is the process for getting a quotation?
A.    Please provide Custom Rubber Corp. with a blueprint, CAD file, sample, or a sketch for your custom rubber component. We also require some estimated volume requirements, and it is very helpful to understand in what environment the part will be used so we can select the proper material.
We will have your quotation ready within 3 days. 

Q.    Do you have a specialty?
A.    At Custom Rubber Corp., we pride ourselves in our rubber molding capabilities. We make parts that weigh a fraction of an ounce up to 5 pounds a piece. The industries we serve span a wide range of industries and applications, enabling us to capitalize on lessons learned from other projects and to continuously improve the service and quality we deliver to all our customers.
Other specialties of ours are bonding rubber to metal, bonding rubber to plastic, and fabric reinforced rubber. 

Q.    Do you outsource any work to overseas rubber manufacturers?
A.    No! Every part Custom Rubber Corp. makes is made in the U.S.A.

Q.    Can you meet any special material requirements?
A.    Yes. Custom Rubber Corp. manufactures rubber components to FDA, UL, NSF and many other specifications. In addition, Custom Rubber can will meet any ASTM callout. If the environment is harsh but no standard has yet been developed, Custom Rubber Corp. can formulate the compound and develop an ASTM specification for you. 

Q.    I don't know what type of rubber to use.
A.    No problem. Tell us the application and the environment and Custom Rubber Corp. will have the rubber made specifically for you.   See more information about the different types of rubber.

Q.    Can you help design the part?
A.    Absolutely. One of Custom Rubber Corp.'s specialties is to help with the design of the part. We can design and do the CAD work for our customers.

Q.    Do you do Rapid Prototypes?
A.    Yes. If you need parts quickly that do not need to meet your exact material requirement Custom Rubber Corp. can have parts for you within 10 days. This is an exceptional alternative to reduce cost and accelerate lead time.

*Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers.