You're purchasing rubber components, but what you want are solutions. You want components that perform better, assemble more easily and help you control total product costs. At Custom Rubber Corp., we are highly skilled and experienced in every step of the process – from design to delivery. Visit our online store for off-the-shelf products.

Custom Rubber Molding

We provide personalized service and assistance every step of the way, making the design and purchase of molded rubber parts easy. Custom Rubber Corp. is a leader in molding rubber parts and products that meet the specifics of our customers’ needs.

Colored Rubber Molding 

Colors can be used to differentiate durometer, improve consumer appeal, highlight safety, distinguish similar components from each other, highlight special promotions and ensure non-marking contact. 

Rubber to Metal Bonding 

No one better understands the relationship between rubber, metal, adhesives and paints. We're proven experts in working with all metals, including brass, aluminum and steel.

Design & Engineering

We offer a complete suite of design and engineering services and assistance. Custom Rubber Corp. uses years of experience and strategic material supply partners to help you choose the most appropriate and cost-effective design and material for the job.


Custom Rubber Corp., together with strategic partners, can provide prototypes from any of the different processes. We can help you determine which process is best for your prototyping objectives.

Moving Existing Tooling

If you have existing tooling to produce your rubber product, but are not satisfied with your current vendor/supplier, Custom Rubber Corp. can help. We have the skills and expertise needed to move existing tooling to Custom Rubber Corp. quickly and with minimal interruption in supply.

New Tooling

Years of tool design experience and multiple US-based strategic partnerships insure new tools are built to last and delivered on time. Custom Rubber Corp. brings that experience and expertise to our customers.

Rubber Materials Used

From natural rubber to butyl rubber and everything in between, we are experts at identifying the best, most economical material source for any and every application or part.

Quality Control

We are committed to having the certifications, process control systems and equipment to support total quality for every project, every time.