Moving Existing Tooling Services


Trust the Transfer Tooling Experts
Custom Rubber Corp. is an expert at accepting transfer tooling and getting production up and running with minimal interruption. We have years of experience working with production tools that previously were used at another molder, whether it's one mold or 50 molds, Custom Rubber Corp. can help to fix quality, delivery, or communication issues.

Minimal to No Interruption in Supply
If you have existing tooling to produce your rubber product, but are not satisfied with your current vendor/supplier, Custom Rubber Corp. can help. We have assisted a number of our customers in moving their existing tooling to Custom Rubber Corp. quickly and with minimal interruption in supply. Typically, there is some minor work that has to be done to insure the tool fits in our equipment and can be run safely. For many of our new customers, this small expense is well worth it.

Depending on the material specification and current source, Custom Rubber Corp., can work through any material issues:

  • In many instances, can continue to purchase the exact same material from the exact same source.
  • If the current vendor/supplier is controlling the raw material, Custom Rubber Corp. and its raw material partners can quickly develop a material that meets the specifications required. 
  • If the part has no documented specifications, Custom Rubber Corp. can help develop those specifications and the material to meet them, given the environment and application of the product.

The fact that we have retained over 98% of our customers since 1980, means that a move to Custom Rubber Corp. will be the last time you have to look for a new vendor/supplier.

Moving Existing Tooling Services