Quality Control Services


Custom Rubber Corp.'s quality commitment has led to 98% customer retention.

We believe our customer retention statistics are a measurement of the quality we deliver. The end results of that quality commitment are defect-free products delivered on time at a competitive price.  Behind that result stands the committed team at Custom Rubber Corp.  We put focus and energy into doing whatever it takes to satisfy a customer.

Advanced Technology to Guarantee Quality
Custom Rubber Corp. is committed to using state of the art technology to help us deliver high quality products to our customers.  In 2017 we began investing in visual inspection equipment, which is faster and more accurate than manual inspection, delivering more consistent quality to our customers faster - in line with our Mission of "Responsiveness ~ From Design to Delivery."

Vision Inspection System for High Volume Parts
The R&D project began as a way to improve delivery and eliminate the possibility of quality rejections (of which there had been a few) for a high volume custom rubber grommet (3 million + per year).  The project was implemented in steps, with the first step being a combination of a conveyor and an inspection camera (Keyance ®).  After the camera system proved it could detect the defects, a bowl feeder/part orienter was added along with a conveyor belt overlay which integrates the blow off for bad pieces, separated the rubber grommets, and directed them under the camera.
Vision Inspection System
During this time, there was another, similarly-sized rubber coated sealing washer that's volume increased along with the manual inspection time.  With some in-house modifications, the bowl feeder was adapted so that it could feed both the rubber grommet and the rubber sealing washer.  The conveyor belt was upgraded to a magnetic belt in order to detect rubber sealing washers that were missing a washer.
To handle the rubber sealing washer, a second camera was added so the system could inspect both sides of the part and a flipping feature was incorporated into the overlay that separated and directed the washers past the two cameras.

Vision Inspection for Molding Inserts
After successful completion of the vision inspection system, Custom Rubber Corp. started using inspection cameras in the molding process to detect placement problems with metal inserts - before the mold is closed.  This reduces/eliminates bad parts, and has eliminated mold damage caused by misplaced inserts.
The cameras are setup to look into the press and when the "start cycle" button is pushed, the camera compares what it sees to an acceptable picture in memory and either allows the machine to close and cycle or stops the cycle.  The machine operator has the opportunity to fix a misplaced insert or add a missing insert before starting the cycle.
In Mold Vision Inspection
As a results of the implementation of the in-mold camera system, Custom Rubber Corp. is able to avoid/stop mold damage before it occurs multiple times per month.  If your part is overmolded rubber, Custom Rubber Corp. has the equipment and investment in technology to take care of your mold and ensure excellent quality.

Certifications and Measuring Equipment
We also commit to having the certifications, process control systems, and equipment to support total quality:

Quality Control Services