EPDM Rubber (Ethylene-Propylene)

The general-purpose rubber material

Working Temperature Range:

High: 300°F / 149°C Low: -60°F / -51°C

EPDM rubber is the ideal choice for any product that requires general ozone and chemical resistance.  It is one of the most common polymers used in the rubber molded industry.  EPDM has good resistance to alcohols, greases, detergents, ketones, silicone oils, and mild acids.


  • Excellent resistance to weather (ozone and sunlight)
  • Good low-temperature flexibility
  • Resistance to water and detergents
  • Resistance to greases
  • Resistance to mild acids and silicone oils
  • Poor resistance to petroleum oils and fuel
  • Poor resistance to mineral oils
  • Poor resistance to petroleum-based lubricants