Design Examples


We don't just design parts. We design solutions.

Custom Rubber Corp. has years of experience designing an molding rubber parts. Below are a few examples of parts Custom Rubber Corp. designed and engineered.

rubber design rubber engineering
Radar Gun Cover
When a manufacturer of laser-based speed and distance measurement instruments needed to pass a water resistance test to expand their market, they contacted Custom Rubber Corp. The customer's overseas source did not have the rubber molding capability, design expertise, or rubber engineering experience to design and manufacture the rubber skin/rubber cover their instrument required. Learn more about our rubber radar gun cover.

Molded Rubber Boot
This molded rubber boot is the result of extensive design work. Custom Rubber Corp. worked with a manufacturer of energy measurement systems to develop this molded rubber smart boot cover for the end of a gas pump. The molded rubber boot fits on the end of a gas pump and incorporates a sensor that detects the amount of gas vapor in the air. Learn more about our molded rubber boot.
rubber design rubber engineering
Molded Rubber Helmet Edging
A military and government contractor contacted Custom Rubber Corp. in need of a better solution for covering the rough edges of their Kevlar helmets. The contractor relied on Custom Rubber Corp.'s rubber engineering expertise to help them design a new rubber part that could replace the cumbersome rubber u-channels they had been using. Learn more about our molded rubber helmet edging.
rubber design rubber engineering
Convoluted Boot
An existing customer once again relied on Custom Rubber Corp. to mold this flexible rubber insulating boot. The customer knew they could depend on Custom Rubber Corp. for the design assistance and rubber molding experience they needed. Learn more about our convoluted boots.

Rubber Bladder
Pictured is a small molded rubber bladder for a cosmetics application. A nationally renowned design firm contacted Custom Rubber Corp. to help them perfect their design and make it manufacturable. Custom Rubber Corp. used its rubber molding experience to identify the appropriate rubber material and provided design assistance that led to further development of the small molded rubber bladder. Learn more about our rubber bladder.

Molded Rubber Scanner Cover
A leading manufacturer of hand-held bar-code scanning equipment needed protective rubber cover for their units. The customer contacted Custom Rubber Corp. for assistance in engineernig the part, designing a mold, and molding a new rubber cover. These custom designed rubber scanner covers are molded for durability and versatility. Each molded rubber cover had have a sure-grip texture, stand up to daily wear-and-tear, and have a number of optional cut-outs to allow for customers' personal grip preferences (such as the pistol grip). Learn more about our molded rubber scanner cover.

Custom Designed GPS Gasket
The design team for one of the first hand-held GPS units ever developed needed rubber help with engineering and design of their product. They came to rely on Custom Rubber Corp.'s expertise and experience in designing and molding rubber parts.  Working with the customer and a plastic molder, Custom Rubber Corp. assisted with the design of this intricate rubber seal that is used to connect the two halves of the plastic shell.  The molded rubber seal was designed to keep out dust and debris, while adding a ring of “grip-able” material to the unit to reduce the chances of the user dropping it. In case the GPS unit is dropped, the molded rubber seal allows some give between the two plastic halves. Learn more about our GPS gasket.
rubber design rubber engineering
Rubber Cover Concept Design
Pictured below is a custom rubber cover design for an electronic device. Custom Rubber Corp. was contacted by a design team in need of Custom Rubber Corp.'s rubber engineering expertise and experience designing rubber parts. There were several critical features that required extensive engineering and design work between Custom Rubber Corp. and the customer. Learn more about our rubber cover concept design.
rubber design rubber engineering
Working under a tight timetable and an uncertain direction for the design, the customer needed engineering assistance. Custom Rubber Corp. was the perfect partner, with years of experience designing protective boots for various instruments in a number of industries. This extensive knowledge and expertise in designing protective boots allowed Custom Rubber Corp. to get the customer's project in motion immediately. Learn more about our UMPC boot.