Molded Rubber Radar Gun Cover


  • When a manufacturer of laser-based speed and distance measurement instruments needed to pass a water resistance test to expand their market, they contacted Custom Rubber Corp. The customer's overseas source did not have the rubber molding capability, design expertise, or rubber engineering experience to design and manufacture the rubber skin/rubber cover their instrument required. 

    The most important requirement was for the rubber skin to provide water resistance and to seal the instrument's existing plastic case at the seams. This feature was most crucial around the trigger and the buttons and levers at the bottom of the instrument's handle. Because water resistance wasn't originally designed in, these areas experienced significant water penetration problems. 

    Custom Rubber Corp. designed a rubber skin to fit over the instrument, ensuring a secure and waterproof rubber seal. The top edge of the rubber skin was undersized from front to back and shrunk to ensure a tighter fit. 

    The area around the trigger was the most challenging area to seal. Custom Rubber Corp. was able to use its rubber engineering and design expertise to come up with a solution. Bellows were added at the top of the trigger so that when the trigger is squeezed, the rubber skin isn't pulled down and away from the main body in front of the trigger.

    The initial rapid prototypes were nearly perfect thanks in large part to Custom Rubber Corp.'s design expertise and the customer's feedback along the way. The water sealing rubber cover is undergoing some minor modifications before final production tooling is cut – but the project has been a success in the customer's eyes.