Molded Rubber Flexible Connector Cover


  • Molded Rubber Flexible Connector Cover Ref: 105626
    The Right Kind of Convolutes
    One of Custom Rubber Corp.'s oil and gas customers needed a flexible boot to protect and electrical connection.  The flex of the connection necessitated a spiral convolute as opposed to a concentric convolute.  Generally, spiral convolutes are better for articulating connections and concentric convolutes are best for in and out stroke motions.  Custom Rubber Corp.'s experience insured that our customer chose the right geometry for the application.

    The material required had to be non-conductive and here again Custom Rubber Corp. was able to provide material knowledge to help our customer.  Many people think that all rubber is electrically insulative - but in reality, most rubber formulas include carbon black which makes them highly electrically conductive.  In this instance Custom Rubber Corp. was able to recommend a material that had the ability to be flexible across the entire temperature range required, was resistant to oil and gas, and was non conductive.

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