Molded Rubber Boot and Aluminum


  • Molded Rubber Boot and Aluminum Ref: 105626

    Post-Molding Adhesive

    This molded, convoluted rubber insulating boot is bonded to aluminum after molding.  The rubber is a flexible insulator for a high voltage connector that can be adjusted 45 degrees or 90 degrees.  Custom Rubber Corp. assisted the customer with everything from the design to the finished rubber part. The customer needed a rubber compound that is oil and gas resistant, electrically non-conductive and had no slip agent (to insure a good bond to the aluminum). 

    After trying out different compounds, Custom Rubber Corp. was able to identify the best rubber compound to suit the customer's needs. Custom Rubber Corp. also helped identify the best adhesive process for bonding rubber to metal.

    Fine-Tune your Design
    Custom Rubber Corp. also helped fine-tune the design to maximize both the efficiency and effectiveness of the flexible rubber insulating boot. Rather than joining the rubber to the inside of a graduated taper at the large OD end, Custom Rubber Corp. suggested having the rubber join the external face of the tapered metal end. This allowed for easier adhesive application, more precise alignment, better rubber flow.

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