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Automatic Drain Plug Kit / Flapper Valve

Automatic Drain Plug CR Marine's rubber molded "automatic drain plug" has kept Tempo's proven design, but improved the material. It is uniquely engineered to provide efficient drainage of a boat's hull. This four-part rubber product's defining feature is its unique duck bill flapper valve, which automatically drains water when the boat is underway. When inserted in a transom drain hole, this custom molded rubber plug will provide a water-tight seal as the boat slows or stops. The CR Marine automatic drain plug can be used with ease; It is removable, has no screws and is easy to check and clean.

Fits all standard 1" diameter drains on transoms up to 2-1/4" thick.

Automatic Drain Plug Kit

Weight: 0.22
CR Marine Product #: 999PDPCR
Tempo Product #: 370030
Tempo Model #: 999PDP
Price: $23.29

Flapper Valve Weight: 0.11
CR Marine Product #:105567CR
Tempo Product #:370050
Tempo Model #:993DPF
Price: $16.98
Assembled Automatic Drain Plug Assembled Automatic Drain Plug
  Automatic Drain Plug Instructions Automatic Drain Plug Instructions (1.3MB PDF)
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For European Flapper Valve (105567CR) inquiries, please contact David Moore, mooreformula@wanadoo.fr.

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