Supply Chain Partners

Tapping local expertise - the best in the world

Access to Specialized Chemists

A network of compounders. The right expertise for every job.

At Custom Rubber Corp., we aren't limited to two or three chemists to work on a problem, we have access to over 30 specialized chemists ready to meet your precise needs through our strategic alliances - the majority of which are located within 50 miles of our facility.  The combined experience available to Custom Rubber Corp. and our customers exceeds many hundreds of years.  Each chemist Custom Rubber Corp. works with has knowledge and experience in slightly different areas.

Some material formulation problems are complex and challenging.  We have the ability to have two or three different chemists working to find a solution simultaneously. This allows us to run concurrent material trials to get the best material quickly - the material that meets the specifications with the lowest total cost. Compared to working with just one chemist, this can often reduce formula development by months.