Rubber to Metal & Plastic Bonding


    Custom Rubber Corp. has a history of working with customers to determine the method for assembly that keeps cost low and performance high. No one better understands the relationship between rubber, metal, adhesives and paints. That means we can fine-tune every element, so your system works in the final application. We're proven experts in working with all metals, including brass, aluminum and steel. Customers in companies large and small count on Custom Rubber for:

    • Rubber-encapsulated metal - The most economical mechanical bond.
    • Chemical bonding - We specify and apply the appropriate heat-activated adhesive for bonding during vulcanization or curing, relying on our experience with custom masking.
    • Cynoacrylate bonding of rubber and metal after curing - This includes secondary operations to assemble.

    Surgical instrument requires calling in a development expertise

    An innovator of surgical instruments turned to Custom Rubber Corp. to manage several manufacturing challenges. First, the instrument handles required bonding silicone rubber to aluminum, which necessitates a special adhesive for long-lasting durability. In addition, the color and texture of the handle were critical design factors, requiring precise Pantone color matching and careful mold and material design. The handle developed for the first instrument is now slated for expansion to other products in the line.