Colored Rubber


    Another specialty of Custom Rubber Corp. is the design and production expertise using colored rubbers for various purposes. Colors can be used to differentiate durometer, improve consumer appeal, highlight safety, distinguish similar components from each other, highlight special promotions, and to ensure non-marking contact. Colors can be matched to Pantone shades, and Custom Rubber Corp. can ensure that your colored part is consistent part to part.

    Also, Custom Rubber Corp. has developed proprietary compounds for non-marking black rubber for those who want the durable-look of black, without the black smudge.

    Total color-matching capabilities (ref. #105225)

    A customer who uses Custom Rubber Corp. to manufacture doorstops for their product line had a special request for a custom batch in the company's color. The purple doorstop giveaway for a tradeshow was a perfect match with the Pantone shade.

    Surgical instrument requires calling in a development expertise

    An innovator of surgical instruments turned to Custom Rubber Corp. to manage several manufacturing challenges. First, the instrument handles required bonding silicone rubber to aluminum, which necessitates a special adhesive for long-lasting durability. In addition, the color and texture of the handle were critical design factors, requiring precise Pantone color matching and careful mold and material design. The handle developed for the first instrument is now slated for expansion to other products in the line.