Protective Rubber Cap


Case Study: Custom Injection Mold
After discussing a family of rubber parts for weeks with a particular customer, Custom Rubber Corp. received the existing molds from a supplier who just wasn't delivering parts or answers.  Everything Custom Rubber told the customer has come to pass.

Cost & Time Savings
The minor adjustments to the tooling in order to fit the molds to Custom Rubber Corp.'s machines, both cost and timing were right on, such as when initial samples would be submitted (within 4 days of receiving the mold), and when production would begin (as soon as the parts were approved).

The development of a new formulation - the previous supplier controlled the raw material - that met the specifications required, including matching the gray color.

Since the original production began, Custom Rubber has designed and built a new injection mold with no cost to the customer because of the high volume. The new mold is producing parts with significantly less scrap and at a faster rate which has improved responsiveness to unforeseen demand.

Transferring Business from Previous Supplier
Custom Rubber Corp. has gone on to build three more molds for this customer.  All of these molds allowed the customer to transfer their business from the previous supplier seamlessly.  The first experience confirmed that the existing molds were not worth moving due to their poor condition and construction.