Rubber Compression Molding


Rubber Compression Molding Video

The first modern rubber product ever produced was compression molded in the home oven of Harvey Firestone in the 1890s. In many ways, not much has changed since. Compression molding rubber involves taking rubber compound or mixed raw material and making "pre-forms" that are in the shape of the end product. These shapes are then loaded, typically by hand, into an open mold. The mold is closed, the rubber cured, and then demolded—typically by hand. Compression molding rubber can be cost-effective if one or more of the following is true:

1. Compression molding tooling already exists.

2. The quantity required is very low.

3. The part cross-section is very large and it requires a long cure time.

Custom Rubber Corp. has been compression molding since its founding in 1956 and has extensive experience in taking on existing tooling.