Molded Rubber Vibration Dampening Pads


  • Ref: 101368

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    Custom Rubber Corp. has developed a line of vibration-damping rubber pads (ref: 101368), ideal for cushioning drill presses, lathes, stamping machines and other equipment. The special rubber material developed for the application is designed to stand up to stress and compression, providing a durable solution to almost any vibration problem that can effect sensitive machine controls, components and settings. The molded rubber pads can be cut to size on the factory floor, and even stacked for additional protection.

    Pressure vs. Deflection

    Normal Stress vs. Strain

    Part #101368 (71K PDF) - two dimensional drawing of the part

    Part #101368 (2.1MB IGS) - three dimensional drawing of the part

    Custom Rubber Pad Results (1.9MB XLS)

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