Sifter Balls


  • Our molded rubber cleaning balls are manufactured to the highest industry standards. They come in custom and standard sizes. We manufacture the balls in a number of different colors and elastomers/rubber types, depending on the application. Our rubber balls are made for durability because we understand the conditions for which they will be used.

    One unique solution we have developed for the sifter industry is a highly magnetic material that is easily detected downstream in the process when screens break. Call or e-mail today for more information about this unique polymer. Another custom request we had was for a "floating ball." Within two weeks, we had provided a ball made from a proprietary EPDM compound that met the customer's needs and floated in water.

    Whether you require rubber balls for anti-blinding, cleaning, sifting, or any other application, we can work with you to provide a standard or customized product suited to your specific application.

    Custom Rubber Corp. product takes center stage in play on Mayan culture

    A theater production company was presenting a play on Mayan culture to South American diplomats. The action included playing an ancient Mayan game using a rubber ball of historically defined size and weight. The one-of-a-kind piece made by Custom Rubber Corp. is now starring in the production.

    Below are pictures of examples. Contact us with information on your needs.

    A Wide Range 
    of Materials and Colors 
    to Meet Your Needs
    Most Common
    Sizes Available
    In Some Cases, Cubes
    Work Better Than Balls

    Below lists existing sizes and pricing for black 60+/-5 durometer Neoprene rubber. A custom quote can quickly be sent to you for your color, elastomer, or size/shape requirement.

    P/N Ball Diameter Hole Dimension (if applicable) Approximate Pc. Weight (lbs)
    106027 0.625"   0.016
    106020 0.688   0.016
    106032 1.000   0.030


    0.3125" HOLE 0.021
    106024 1.125   0.016
    106025 1.250   0.051
    106038 1.250 0.500" HOLE 0.093
    106045 1.375   0.062
    106043 1.500 0.625" HOLE 0.066
    106029 1.750   0.098
    106039 1.750 0.625" HOLE 0.167
    106042 2.000   0.231
    106031 2.125 0.750" HOLE 0.190
    106041 2.250   0.244
    106030 2.500   0.409
    106048 2.500 OVAL   0.390
    106022 2.625   0.520
    106044 2.625 1.000" HOLE 0.360
    106028 2.750   0.420
    106050 2.750 OVAL   0.420
    106026 3.000   0.500
    106047 3.000 OVAL   0.706
    106023 3.500   0.780
    106046 4.000   0.620
    106049 7.500   2.300

    If you do not see the size, durometer, or material you require, please contact us to obtain a quote. We can custom mold a variety of rubber ball requirements. Let us know your specifications and application and we can meet your needs.

    Rubber balls are also available in other elastomers, alternate durometers and alternate colors if you require a custom part.