Molded Rubber Utility Mats


  • Ref: 101368

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    Our 18”x18” rubber utility mats offer excellent cushioning and protection against impact and abrasion. They can effectively be used as a durable rubber liner/mat to protect:

    • Cargo Liner - Use our rubber utility mats as a cargo liner for truck storage trays and truck beds. Our rubber mats will provide extra protection and traction, preventing cargo from sliding around.
    • Gun Storage Boxes - Line your gun storage box with our rubber utility mats to absorb shock, cushion and protect firearms.
    • Gym Floors - Resilient against impact and easy to install, our rubber utility mats lay flat and are ideal for protecting gym floors.
    • Dog Boxes - Our rubber utility mats are easy to clean and can be used to provide extra comfort to your pet.
    • The non-skid grooves on both sides allow them to stay in place, but be easily removed for cleaning.

    Whether used for cargo lining, gun boxes, gym floors or dog boxes, Custom Rubber Corp.'s Rubber Utility Mat provides an ideal solution to various applications.

    Part #101368 (71K PDF) - two dimensional drawing of the part

    Part #101368 (2.1MB IGS) - three dimensional drawing of the part

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