Molded Rubber Mast Chocks


  • Marine Mast Chocks Ref: 95, 96

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    CR Marine rubber mast chocks are the perfect solution when you need to support an aluminum or carbon fiber mast as it passes through the deck collar. Unlike individual teak mast wedges, CR Marine rubber mast chocks completely encircle the mast to provide an excellent water tight seal between the mast and the deck. One piece gives 360 degrees of support. No more individual wooden wedges that can become loose, fall through and concentrate the load. Graduated steps, tapered to fit most masts, allow the CR Marine rubber mast chocks to fit safely and securely in place with no adhesives. When using CR Marine rubber mast chocks, there's no need to worry about mast wedges shifting out of place.

    CR Marine rubber mast chocks are easy to install. The CR Marine rubber mast chock will have you ready to set sail quicker than expensive and complicated molding kits, which are costly and messy, take time to cure, and can be difficult to remove. CR Marine rubber mast chocks can be installed in minutes and can easily be removed to change mast position, making it the perfect product for busy boat yards that step a lot of masts. No curing time required.

    Available in two sizes, CR Marine rubber mast chocks can easily be cut to size with a hack saw. Using a small amount of caulk with the CR Marine rubber mast chocks can make a water tight seal on most masts.

    Available in medium and large sizes:

    Size A B CR Marine Product # Cut Length
    Medium 0.375" 0.875" 95 30"
    Large 0.687" 1.375" 96 48"

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