Molded Rubber Dock Bumper


  • Rubber Molded Dock Bumper Ref: 109107CR

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    Made in the USA, CR Marine molded rubber dock bumpers provide the perfect buffer between your boat and the dock. CR Marine molded rubber dock bumpers are designed to cushion your boat against the dock, protecting your boat from minor scratches and dents. Because we understand the demands of the marine environment, CR Marine's rubber dock bumpers are molded with a high quality, non-marking, weather and ozone resistant gray rubber, or a durable black rubber. CR Marine rubber dock bumpers measure 30 inches long, 4 inches tall, and approximately 1.65 inches deep. Ten countersunk holes (1” diameter to 0.5” diameter) allow for easy, and secure installation (hardware not included).
    Although this bumper is expensive, it will outlast your boat!

    Model # Weight
    109107CR 9.5 lbs.

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