Molded Rubber CR Marine Snubber


  • Rubber CR Marine Snubber Ref: 440120, 440130, 440140, 440150

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    CR Marine understands the boater's need to provide his or her boat with superior dock line protection. We've therefore used our expertise in rubber engineering to improve upon Tempo's mooring snubber. CR Marine has custom molded the snubber from durable EPDM rubber, which delivers outstanding resistance against the rigors of a harsh marine environment, including sunlight, salt water and ozone. The CR Marine snubber is manufactured from highly elastic rubber provides variable resiliency, allowing it to respond appropriately to diverse weather and sea conditions. Moreover, this molded rubber product offers superior shock-reduction capabilities which prevent spider-web cracks in the fiber glass around a boat's docking cleats by lessening sudden impacts to the boat's tackle and rigging. Each end contains an integrated, high-strength injection molded locking system to provide 100% safe and secure locking of the mooring line and effectively eliminates chafing. The harder the line is pulled, the tighter the grip of the snubber.

    Proven to increase the life of dock lines and offer protection to boats and cleats, the CR Marine mooring snubber is just one example of how we use our company's superior rubber molding prowess and experience to create high quality products.

    Available for the following sizes of dock lines:

    Size Weight CR Marine Product # Tempo Product # / Model#
    3/8" Line, heavy duty 0.60 101667CR 440120/MM430
    1/2" to less than 5/8" Line, heavy duty 1.07 101692CR 440130/MM440
    5/8" to less than 3/4" Line, heavy duty 1.80 101666CR 440140/MM450
    3/4" to less than 1" Line, heavy duty 3.76 101693CR 440150/MM460

    Instructions and Suggested Configurations (700K PDF)

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