Molded Rubber Wastewater Aeration Membrane

Molded Rubber Parts for Wastewater Treatment Aeration

  • Molded Rubber Wastewater Aeration Membrane Ref: 105488

    Custom Rubber started working with a waste water treatment equipment supplier who was struggling to find a dependable rubber molding partner willing to do experimental work.  The relationship started with the molding of the standard product, pictured here - a 9.5 inch diameter rubber membrane for wastewater pond aeration. 

    Since the relationship began, Custom Rubber Corp. has molded the same rubber diaphragms out of inumerable different materials for specialty applications and with various addititives to improve performance.  Custom Rubber Corp. is now the supplier of choice for the challenging, special projects required by the end user.

    None of the molded rubber parts pictured are in stock or for sale. These are all examples of custom-manufactured products that illustrate Custom Rubber Corp.'s capabilities.