Molded Rubber Unscrewing Bag


  • Molded Rubber Unscrewing Bag Ref: 105669

    This molded rubber part is a component in an aftermarket rail transportation application that is used for material handling. Since Custom Rubber Corp. had supplied the customer with molded rubber parts that fulfilled similar requirements in the past, the customer knew that Custom Rubber Corp. had the rubber molding experience to be able to mold this rubber part for an unscrewing bag.

    The top, bottom, and inside of the rubber part are designed to act as a sealing surface in the assembly. The configuration had to meet the customer's specifications in order to ensure that it effectively sealed the customer's application. Due to the dynamic requirements of the molded rubber part, the customer depended on Custom Rubber Corp.'s rubber engineering and rubber molding expertise to recommend the best material for the part. Drawing on its years of rubber experience, Custom Rubber Corp. was able to engineer a rubber compound that combined flexibility and durability, providing the necessary rebound as well as abrasion and tear resistance. Custom Rubber Corp.'s molding experience also ensured that each rubber part was molded with a consistent durometer.

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