Molded Rubber Boot for Advanced Metering Gas Pump


  • Molded Rubber Bellows for Advanced Metering Gas Pump Ref: 105648

    Pictured here is a custom molded rubber bellows for an advanced metering gas pump. This molded rubber bellows is the result of extensive design work.

    Custom Rubber Corp. worked with a manufacturer of energy measurement systems to develop this molded rubber smart bellows cover for the end of a gas pump. The molded rubber bellows fits on the end of a gas pump and incorporates a sensor that detects the amount of gas vapor in the air.

    In the developmental stages, Custom Rubber Corp. and the customer worked on a number of designs, balancing the conflicting needs of the product. Custom Rubber Corp.'s rubber molding expertise and design experience were put to good use working through various prototypes to find the right way to manufacture this molded rubber bellows cover.

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