Molded Rubber Insulator for Electrical Connector


  • Molded Rubber Insulator for Electrical Connector Ref: 105440, 105450

    Custom Rubber Corp. assisted a start-up company with their development of spark-proof complex electrical connectors for oil and gas drilling applications. The full product line includes eight colors for proper identification of AC/DC current and positive/negative/ground anywhere in the world. Additionally, there are numerous variants on a plug and receptacle depending on the panel type and connection required.

    The rubber-encapsulated electrical connectors are designed for a diverse range of markets from hazardous location, industrial, military and civil aerospace. The material has been specially

  • formulated to be oil, alkaline & UV resistant. The material is also flame retardant and the colors are brilliant to insure against improper connections.

    The new design is fully compatible with the industry standards, but has superior design features including:

    • Innovative tool design that completely eliminated all parting lines across the mating cylindrical ends
    • Double-raised o-ring beads on both the male and the female connectors
    • Proprietary material that is self-lubricating. The interference fit between the male and female connectors is significantly tighter than the industry standard, but the proprietary material component that leaches out the surface continuously lubricates the connector resulting in increase spark protection without increased difficulty in making the connection.

    Producing a self-lubricating compound that was processable in the mold proved difficult initially, but the strategic partnerships with our rubber material suppliers resulted in a compound that worked. The next step was to duplicate the physical properties in eight different colors, from vibrant yellow and orange, to deep red and green.

    Ultimately, our customer's design enhancements, and our ability to produce near-perfect parts consistently has resulted in the premium product reputation in the industry.

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