Molded Rubber Split Boot


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    Partnering with Government Contractors
    A government contractor came to Custom Rubber Corp. needing our design assistance and rubber molding experience. Pictured here is the result of numerous design revisions, prototyping and trials Custom Rubber Corp. worked on with the customer as part of their design and bid for the MRAP contract with the US Government.

    Extreme Heat Resistance
    The customer identified several conditions that the molded rubber part would need to stand up to. The molded rubber part is used close to an oil pan, and needs to withstand high temperatures. Custom Rubber Corp. was able to develop a specially designed nitrile material with enough heat resistance to handle 250 degrees Fahrenheit continuously.

  • Enginering Expertise Put to Use

    Custom Rubber Corp.'s engineering expertise was put to use, offering multiple design solutions and fine tuning the most promising molded rubber part designs. One of the most unique and important features of the seal split rubber boot is the sealing mechanism. In the design process, Custom Rubber Corp. suggested several possible sealing mechanisms for the molded rubber part. One option Custom Rubber Corp. gave was to use a series of threaded fasteners with a reinforcing boss where the heads and nuts of the fasteners would rest, and some slight sealing beads on one of the interior lips. Another important aspect of seal split rubber boot is its ability to maintain its concentricity and not sag.

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    The rubber parts pictured are not in stock or for sale. These are examples of custom-manufactured products that illustrate Custom Rubber Corp.'s capabilities.