Molded Rubber Keg Drop Pad

Molded Rubber for the Material Handling Industry

  • Molded Rubber Keg Drop Pad Ref: 101315

    Keg and Cask Handling
    One of Custom Rubber Corp.'s proprietary products is the keg and cask pad pictured here.  Made from durable black rubber, the keg and cask pad is 19.75"L x 23.75"W and is 2" thick.  The bottom surface has a number of 1" long rounded nubs that give the pad the cushion required when kegs and casks are dropped on it.  The part pictured here has the optional white bulls-eye painted on the top surface.

    Another great feature is the built in carrying handle, allowing easy handling from the distribution truck to the ground and back.

    This part is made in the USA and can be purchased direct from our on-line store using the link below.