Molded Rubber Latch Handle

Molded Rubber for the Material Handling Industry

  • Molded Rubber Latch Handle Ref: 105819
    Custom Rubber Corp. won this business because of our Mission Statement: Responsiveness from Design to Delivery.
    The customer called, needing a new rubber latch handle, with a metal insert, in less than 4 weeks.  Custom Rubber Corp.'s design team worked quickly with the customer to make some minor suggestions and changes to the design to allow for quick machining.   Working with their tool shop partners, Custom Rubber Corp. helped design a tool that allowed for the angled part to be cut into a tool quickly - and in a way that optimized production.  
    The first 100 parts were delivered on time without the company name on the handle - they worked perfectly and met the customer's needs.
    The mold was sent out for a short time to add the customer's name to the part, brought back in, and the first production run was complete less than 6 weeks after the first contact between Custom Rubber Corp. and the customer.
    After the first few production runs, discussions began about having Custom Rubber Corp. install the metal insert through the center hole.  Custom Rubber Corp. ran through a quick design iteration process and developed an installation fixture.  In a matter of just 3-4 weeks, the customer happily transitioned the assembly of the latch handle with the metal bracket to Custom Rubber Corp.
    This is another great example of the power of Responsiveness.  It's what sets Custom Rubber Corp. apart.