Molded Rubber Cover


  • Molded Rubber Cover Ref: 105670
    Protecting Marine Electronics
    Pictured here is a molded rubber environmental cover with a matte finish, used as a cover for shipboard electronics. This molded rubber cover had a several requirements that made Custom Rubber Corp. the perfect partner for the customer. Custom Rubber Corp.'s rubber molding experience allowed us to deliver a part with a unique finish that reflects minimal light, stands up to a harsh marine environment, and doesn't fade over time.
  • It was essential that the rubber cover did not reflect light, which required the rubber part to be molded with a lusterless finish. The customer needed to find a supplier with the rubber engineering and rubber design experience necessary to design and mold a rubber part with the required function and finish. The customer contacted Custom Rubber Corp., confident that from past experience with other rubber parts, Custom Rubber Corp. had the capability to design a cost effective cover and incorporate tooling features to achieve a lusterless finish. Custom Rubber Corp. was able to mold a rubber part with a matte finish using a durable material that could handle a wide temperature range and exposure to salt, fog, mist, water and direct sunlight.

    The customer would need to replace the molded rubber environmental cover frequently, so it was essential that the rubber part would be durable enough to withstand being assembled and disassembled. Fit was also essential, as the rubber cover needed to stay securely in place and not deform over time.

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