Molded Rubber Plug for Electronic Device


  • Rubber Dust Cover for Electronics Ref: 107011
    Bringing a Project Back to Life
    A customer contacted Custom Rubber Corp. because they needed rubber engineering expertise to design a rubber device cover, as well as rubber molding experience to prototype and trial the design. Before contacting Custom Rubber Corp. the customer's project had come to a halt, as they were unable to find a supplier who could meet their needs. After meeting with the customer, Custom Rubber Corp. was able to deliver a solution.  Pictured is the first prototype Custom Rubber Corp. designed and molded for the project.
  • There were several critical features that required extensive colaborative engineering and design work between Custom Rubber Corp. and the customer. The main purpose of the molded rubber device plug is to protect internal electronics from dust and debris. Keeping this in mind Custom Rubber Corp. engineered and molded the rubber part to act as a cover with several "plug" sections . When the molded rubber plug is secured into place, covering the back section of the electronic device, protrusions lock into the ethernet and AC adapter sockets. There are also recessed areas designed to fit over the power switch, as well as through-holes that allow an LED to show through.

    Reliable Expertise
    The customer relied on Custom Rubber Corp. to not only design the rubber device plug, but trial the design through prototyping as well. After engineering an early design for the rubber device plug, Custom Rubber Corp. was able to quickly mold the rubber prototype and test the design. The rubber device plug fit as expected, however Custom Rubber Corp., along with the customer, identified further improvements that could be made to the design. Upon engineering a new and improved design for the rubber device plug, Custom Rubber Corp. began prototyping the new design and ultimately began producing production quantities.

    The rubber parts pictured are not in stock or for sale. These are examples of custom-manufactured products that illustrate Custom Rubber Corp.'s capabilities. Contact us with information on your needs.