Molded Rubber Junction for Baseball Bat

Metal and Wood - A Great Combination for a Baseball Bat

  • Ref: 105348 Ref: 105348

    Sport Solution
    Custom Rubber Corp. worked with a baseball enthusiast who was concerned about two things;
    1) Wooden bats breaking and the pieces flying into the infield, potentially hurting players
    2) Aluminum bats multiplying the speed of the ball beyond the speed of the pitch

    The Best of Both Worlds
    His elelgant solution was to combine the best of both materials into a Metal Wood bat.  Custom Rubber Corp. worked with him to develop a rubber sleeve that covered the joint where the aluminum met the wood and co-designed a shape that contributed to the style of the bat as well as served the functional purpose of insuring the seam was secure.  The bat is approved for use by a number of offical baseball and softball governing bodies.  

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