Molded Silicone Rubber Clamping Disk

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  • Molded Silicone Rubber Clamping Disk Ref: 105796
    Innovative Bike Work Stand
    Custom Rubber Corp. worked together with a business startup to make their concept of a bike stand specially designed to handle expensive, oddly shaped, carbon fiber bike frames a reality.  The conventional bike stand used to support bikes while they are worked on uses a clamp.  Clamps are not good for carbon fiber frames, which are designed to have structural stiffness, but not to withstand crush forces.  
    The new design relies on four of the molded silicone rubber disks - two on each side.  The pairs of disks are pushed together on a sliding bar so that they fit between the large triangle of the frame.  Then each pair of disks is pushed outward along the underside of the top bar to capture the frame between the seat post and the front fork post.  This completely eliminates the possiblity of crushing a $5,000 bike frame.

    Custom Rubber Corp. is proud to work with inventors and startup companies - some of our best customers have evolved from startups.

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