Glow-in-the-Dark Molded Rubber

Rubber Molded Parts for Consumer Products Industry

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Rubber Ref: 105225

    Custom Rubber Corp., in partnership with one of its primary material suppliers, has successfully compounded and processed glow-in-the-dark urethane rubber. Although still in the preliminary stages of development, all indications are that the compound, once molded, will glow for a number of hours before gradually losing the glow.

    Photoluminescence is a process in which a chemical compound absorbs a photon with a wavelength in the range of visible electromagnetic radiation, thus transitioning to a higher electronic energy state, and then radiates a photon back out, returning to a lower energy state. In other words, the material absorbs light and gradually re-emits that light over time until it has to be "re-charged" with light energy.

    Aside from the rubber wristband fad and a few rubber ducks, Custom Rubber believes that this may be one of the first examples of successfully molding a durable, dense rubber material that glows in the dark.

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