Molded Rubber Pressing Form


  • Rubber Pressing Form Ref: 105591, 105605

    Molded Rubber Part as a Forming Tool
    Picture here is a molded rubber pressing form used to mold ceramics. This rubber pressing form is used with a forming mold for the molding and manufacturing of ceramic spark plug components. When the customer needed a more dependable supplier for the molded rubber form they were currently using, they contacted Custom Rubber Corp..

    Powdered ceramic is forced into the molded rubber pressing form mold. After compression of the molded rubber pressing form, the ceramic is released from the mold forming the ceramic spark plug component. Because the molded rubber part is used in the manufacturing of ceramics, it is subjected to extreme temperatures and pressure. Custom Rubber Corp. began working with the customer to develop a rubber material that would stand up to these demands better than the molded rubber compound currently in use.  By leveraging strategic alliances with a number of raw material suppliers, Custom Rubber Corp. was able to try out various rubber compounds.

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