Molded Rubber Hood Leveler


  • Molded Rubber Hood Leveler Ref: 105298

    Rubber to Metal Encapsulation
    This product is used to make small adjustments to automobile hoods to insure that after they latch closed, they are level with the front quarter panels. Custom Rubber Corp. was responsible for the procurement of the metal stud, and the overmolding of the rubber bumper head on the bolt. The plastic lock nut was applied by our customer.

    The metal stud had an innovative design with an "+" shape that resulted in good torsional strength through a mechanical lock between the rubber and the metal - this eliminated the use of an adhesive and the extra cost of applying an adhesive.

    The annual requirements for this product at the height of production were quite high (100,000+ per month) and Custom Rubber Corp. consistantly delivered on time, quality product.

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