Custom Molded Rubber Bumper for Glove Box


  • Custom Molded Rubber Bumper for Glove Box Ref: 105568

    The Reason for Responsiveness
    An existing customer was continuing to face delivery problems with its other rubber supplier. Custom Rubber Corp. was able to put together a proposal to finance a new mold in exchange for a guarantee of future orders for a custom molded rubber bumper used on as an automotive glove box lid stopper. This allowed our customer to continue to get as many rubber stoppers from their current supplier while Custom Rubber Corp.'s mold was being built and eliminated the up front tooling cost.

    Since the mold was completed, Custom Rubber Corp. has been delivering consistently, with better quality due to improved tooling. Because the transition of the part went so smoothly, the customer asked Custom Rubber Corp. for similar proposals on additional parts.

    The rubber parts pictured are not in stock or for sale. These are examples of custom-manufactured products that illustrate Custom Rubber Corp.'s capabilities. Contact us with information on your needs.