Rubber Molded Bearing Mount


  • Molded Rubber Bearing Mount Ref: 101586
    Transfer Tooling
    A company in the Southern United States had an innovative design for a molded rubber bearing mount.  Their long-time supplier had run into some difficulties and was no longer providing the responsive service that the company needed.  Thanksfully, they found Custom Rubber Corp.

    One challenge faced was a common dilema; since their long-time supplier couldn't supply the molded rubber parts on time, how could the company build up enough inventory to cover the gap in production while the existing tool was transferred to Custom Rubber Corp.
  • The only answer really was to take the leap.  

    • The tool was pulled from the long-time supplier and shipped to Custom Rubber Corp. - time 2 days
    • Custom Rubber evaluated the tool and made the necessary modifications to run it safely in our equipment - time 3 days
    • Custom Rubber Corp. started production of the molded rubber bearing mount and shipped the first parts - time 2 days
    The result: In little more than a week, the customer started receiving the parts they desparately needed.  

    Custom Rubber Corp. has years of experience helping customers through the difficult transition of transferring their tooling.  We know how to be responsive and can guarantee that the molded rubber parts received will be as good - or better - than what the previous supplier was producing.  Take the leap and send us your tool today.

    The rubber parts pictured are not in stock or for sale. These are examples of custom-manufactured products that illustrate Custom Rubber Corp.'s capabilities. Contact us with information on your needs.