Rubber Molded Welidng Tip Cover


  • Rubber Molded Welidng Tip Cover Ref: 101159

    Cover for Safety
    The leading welding equipment manufacturer chose Custom Rubber Corp. to manufacture a rubber molded cover for a welding tip.  The parts pictured here have a hollow opening on the right side that allows the user to slip the rubber molded cover in place.  The rubber molded cover works as a safety cover to protect the user from the welding tip when not in use.

    When the customer needed to improve the welding-tip cover, we offered to develop a different material that could be sold at a premium. In order to readily distinguish that "premium" product from the everyday product, we changed the color - the premium part is orange.  This insures that our customer does not ship the wrong part to a customer and also is easily distinguishable to the end-user - confirmation that they have a superior product

    The molded rubber parts pictured are not in stock or for sale. These are examples of custom-manufactured products that illustrate Custom Rubber Corp.'s capabilities.