Rubber Molded Navigation Cover


  • Rubber Molded Navigation Cover Ref: 105670
    When Protecting Electronics Matters
    In the military, electronics are becoming more and more critical to the success of any operation.  The part pictured here plays a critical role in protecting shipboard electronics.  The cover is designed with a reasonably stiff material and a thick enough wall that the dome is quite resistant to things knocking it out of shape.  The two flared handles are used to install the molded protective cover and also can be used to bolt the cover down when necessary (hence the two thru-holes).

    The geometry of the bottom ring of the cover is also a critical feature.  It is essentially a sealing bead that mates up with the electronics stand and makes a water-tight seal.  Since installing this molded protective cover for the navigation equipment, there have been no reports of field failures or other pre-mature malfunctions of the electronics.

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