Molded Rubber Enclosure Cover


  • Molded Rubber Enclosure Cover Ref: 105594

    A leading producer of manifolds and other HVAC tools and accessories turned to Custom Rubber Corp. to assist with the development and design of a heavy duty molded rubber cover to protect one of their top selling manifolds.

    The project started with the production of some rapid prototypes, made by building a hard SLA model, using that to make a silicone mold, and then casting some urethane parts. These prototypes confirmed the fit was correct and also led to some minor modifications in the production part to improve installation and cosmetics.

    The production tool arrived and produced parts out of the rubber material spec'd out for the job, and they fit the manifold perfectly. Custom Rubber Corp. assisted this customer in taking an award winning product and making it even more dependable.

    The molded rubber parts pictured are not in stock or for sale. These are examples of custom-manufactured products that illustrate Custom Rubber Corp.'s capabilities.