Molded Rubber Protective Cover for Ferrite


  • Molded Rubber Protective Cover for Ferrite Ref: 105519, 105520
    Custom Rubber Corp. worked with an innovative communications company to develop a rubber overmold for a ferrite core.  The ferrite is used to capture the high frequency electrical field around high voltage power lines in for use in smart grid communications.

    The molding was particularly challenging because the ferrite is a fragile material suceptible to chipping and fracturing.  The bottom of the part has a few mold pins to hold the ferrite in place and Custom Rubber Corp. used extremely low molding pressure to insure a very high yield of good parts.

    The material used has just enough conductivity to allow the proper function.  It was developed over a relatively short term through the use of a few of Custom Rubber Corp.'s strategic suppliers which allowed for multiple, parallel development tracks.

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