Custom Molded Plug


  • Custom Molded Plug - Special Material, Special Sizing Ref: 105201

    This part is an example of the long term relationships Custom Rubber Corp. is able to establish with customers. Custom Rubber Corp. has been manufacturing this specialty molded plug for more than 25 years. The molded rubber plug is used in the heating and cooling industry.
    Rather than use an off-the-shelf rubber plug, our customer chose Custom Rubber Corp. because they needed a slightly different size and shape to fit into their tubing, and they needed a specially blended EPDM material that withstands the harshest outdoor environments as well as the operating temperature (160 deg F continuous exposure and 200 deg F with intermittent exposure).
    Custom Rubber consistently delivers with excellent customer service, communication about deliveries, and product quality that meets expectations every time.
    Contact us today to discuss your specialty rubber plug design and application.