Square Rubber Grommet with Two Holes


  • Square Rubber Grommet with Two Holes Ref: 105659
    Who Says All Grommets Have to be Round?
    The features that make a grommet a grommet are not unique to a round shape.  Custom Rubber Corp. considers any part that has two maximum dimensions sandwiching a slightly smaller dimension a grommet.

    Pictured here is a square-shaped rubber grommet that is used to protect wires in that pass through a square hold in a thicker metal box.  The custom grommet has slits from both holes to the outside of the part so that the wires do not have to be threaded thre the rubber grommet - the grommet can be put in place by slipping the wires through the slits.  The design also incoporates an additional slit with a stress-relieving small diameter hole that allows some flexibility with regards to the size of the wire that's passed through.  In some cases, our customer uses this square rubber grommet to reduce rattle between the outer shell and conduit that passes through the holes.

    Not all rubber grommets have to be round - and if you requires an unusual shape, Custom Rubber Corp. can work with you to make it happen.