Molded Rubber Headless Grommets for Easy Installation


  • Molded Rubber Headless Grommet Ref: 105285, 105287

    Molded rubber headless grommets have a unique design. 

    1. The base and neck are similar to normal rubber molded grommets; a large diameter base and a neck diameter just smaller than the hole in the mating sheet metal, metal stamping or plastic. 
    2. The neck has three raised half-rounds that act as a friction hold when the molded rubber grommet is initially installed - this feature keeps the rubber grommet in place until the bolt is installed.
    3. Further up the extended neck of rubber molded grommet is a recessed chamfer or half-round channel on the ID.  This is the feature that allows the extended neck to flare out and become the "head" of the rubber grommet once the bolt is tightened down.
  • Grommets of this design have been used in the heating and air conditioning market for years and years with no problems in the field.  The fact that the rubber is permanently flexed and compressed once installed has no bearing on pre-mature failure or cracking - assuming the correct material is used.  Custom Rubber Corp. can assist with selecting the right material.

    The advantages of the headless grommet all equal cost savings:
    • Easier and more cost effective to manufacture because the parts come out of the mold more easily.
    • Easier to install because there is no need to force a large grommet head through the small hole in the sheet metal, stamping, or plastic component.  This leads to less hand strain and faster assembly time = more cost effective.

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    The molded rubber parts pictured are not in stock or for sale. These are examples of custom-manufactured products that illustrate Custom Rubber Corp.'s capabilities.