Molded Rubber Pump Housing with Integrated O-Ring


  • Molded Rubber Pump Housing with Integrated O-Ring Ref: 101714

    Design Expertise Solves Problem
    A leading engineering and construction consultant came to rely on Custom Rubber Corp.'s rubber molding expertise and industry experience after their current parts didn't perform as expected. The customer's previous industrial hose pump seal frequently leaked due to an o-ring that didn't quite meet the application's demands. Working closely with the customer, Custom Rubber Corp. designed and manufactured this rubber boot seal with an integrated o-ring that offers an effective solution to the customer's problem.

    Because the industrial hose pump this rubber seal goes onto is submerged, the customer needed to find an effective method to seal the space between the casing and hose. Custom Rubber Corp. had the experience molding rubber seals the customer needed. This watertight rubber seal integrates an o-ring into the rest of the molded rubber seal. To ensure an even better seal between the chrome bracket and red pump casing, Custom Rubber Corp. suggested the addition of a bead to the flange. Custom Rubber Corp. was careful when designing the addition of this bead to ensure it would not be too close to the bolt pattern of the rubber seal. The dimension of the bolt pattern is important to ensure that the flange engages and seals at the bead.

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