Molded Rubber Roof Flashing for Plumbing


  • Molded Rubber Roof Flashing for Plumbing Ref: 105433

    The product pictured here is supplied to the leading plumbing industry company.  This rubber molded seal is used for through-roof applications to seal around stove pipes and other exhaust pipes that have to penetrate the roofing materials.

    The large rubber flange around the seal insures that there is plenty of overlap to insure no leakage. The rubber flange is stiff enough to fit tightly around the exhaust pipe, but flexible enough to adjuest to the slight out-of-round and/or size variation that is common with standard piping.

    The molded rubber parts pictured are not in stock or for sale. These are examples of custom-manufactured products that illustrate Custom Rubber Corp.'s capabilities.