Silicone Molded Door Seal


  • Molded Silicone Door Seal Ref: 101789
    Pictured is a molded silicone door seal in a light gray color for a medical autoclave unit.  Roughly 13 inches square, the seal has three raised sealing beads on the top, and a deep undercut on the ID that's designed to accept a 0.5" x 0.08" thick flange on the metal door.  The seal is designed to be slightly undersized so that once stretched to fit on the door, it stays in place.  The light gray is a perfect color that easily shows dirt and forces additional cleanliness.
    The material used is a high-grade silicone often used in medical applicaitons - it can easily handle the high temperatures of an autoclave sterilization oven and will last for hundreds of thousands of cycles.
    Custom Rubber Corp. has the equipment available to make medical seals of all shapes and sizes.  Every seal Custom Rubber Corp. makes is ONE piece - no splices, no potential leak paths.

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