Large Accumulator Tank Diaphragm


  • Large Accumulator Tank Diaphragm Ref: 105752
    This is a prototype diaphragm that is roughly 16" in diameter.  The diaphragm is designed to be a flexible divider between the air side and the well water side of an accumulator tank that stabilizes water pressure for residential well water systems.  Custom Rubber Corp. worked with the customer to develop the concept, including the number, wall thickness, and size of the convolutes - based on the required changes in volume on either side of the diaphragm.  The design of the convolutes was particularly challenging because it is important that the part expand and then contract again without buckling or collapsing asymetrically.
    Custom Rubber Corp. also worked with the customer to design the outter edge geometry.  The concept is to use the outter edge to both secure the diaphragm in place, but also seal the two halves of the accumulator tank.
    Custom Rubber Corp.'s expertise in design can make the difference between successful prototyping and months of trial and error.  By including us in the design up front, we can often make suggestions to improve manufacturability, end-item assembly, and overall cost reductions.

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