Contoured Molded Rubber Diaphragm


  • Contoured Molded Rubber Diaphragm Ref: 101852

    A leading manufacturer of natural gas control systems for the appliance market sought out Custom Rubber Corp. after years of a declining working relationship with another rubber molder. The customer ultimately transferred more than 8 different parts to Custom Rubber Corp., and the transition went smoothly.

    One of the product lines is a rubber diaphragm that gets mounted in a housing. Before Custom Rubber Corp. took over the business, the customer experienced high scrap rates with pin holes that were undetectable until after the entire housing was assembled - very expensive. Custom Rubber Corp.’s product have a very low defect rate that has all but eliminated the expensive rework.

    The diaphragms are made of both Nitrile and Fluorosilicone for harsher environments in mobile homes with different color rubber materials to make identification easier.

    Custom Rubber Corp.’s expertise at taking over existing tooling is second to none. If you’re unhappy with your current molded rubber product supplier, contact us today and see what Responsiveness really feels like.

    The rubber parts pictured here are not in stock or for sale.  These are examples of custom-manufactured products that illustrate Custom Rubber Corp.'s capabilities.  Contact us with information on your needs.